25 things i learned by 26. #birthdaysuitrambling

1. I strive for patience more than I practice it. Not sure at what point in my life things started to shift but I find myself being a worrier. Irrational worry fueled by unnecessary doubt. I often feel hypocritical when urging others to have faith when I too have self doubt.

2. I can overcome self doubt. And every time I do, it’s a beautiful triumph.

3. I have a lot of love to give. And I’m ok with waiting for the right person to give it to. At some point I came to an understanding that what’s promised to me will come in its own time and way. I wait for the moment in earnest and till then am investing all the love I could ever have for another into myself.

4. Self care saves. Doing something nice for yourself once a day, once a week, once a month even is perfectly ok. Have that extra spoon of gelato after a rough week. Buy that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing that have finally gone on sale. Take naps. Lots of naps. Drink wine in your underwear on days off. Trust me, no one’s judging.

5. I miss my family. I wish I could see them more often. But when time, money and distance are a factor it makes things harder. Learning to make the most of the time we have while with them. You never know when you may lose someone.

6. I do not like to show emotion. But I feel things…deeply. I sacrifice a lot of those feelings to avoid conflict.

7. Can I argue? Yes. Will I always? No. No matter how strongly I may feel about certain situations if I feel the mess is not worth the cleanup or the energy I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Not sorry.

8. Fate has a way of slapping you in the face with lessons you thought you already learned; just to make sure you’ve understood completely.

9. Your passion will change. It will grow stronger or it will redirect. Take notice, and mold accordingly.

10. Bacon is quite likely the vice I’ll never be able to give up. Deal with it.

11. Not sure if it shows on my face that I’m someone who’ll take the time to listen but lately complete strangers have routinely found me and poured their hearts out. Unsolicited. More often than not before I inform them that I’m a counselor. Thank you, Charlotte nightlife, for sharing your stories and helping me practice immediacy.

12. I actually have what it takes to be licensed. Completed my masters program, became certified, and obtained my provisional counseling license in 2015. I’m ready to prove it to the world.

13. Art was my first love. And I’m blessed to consistently be in the presence of individuals who harness and exude creativity so much that I feel at peace just by watching them succeed. Their drive inspires me to find the time to practice again, even if just for myself.

14. Not everyone will understand your journey. Everyone isn’t meant to.

15. I still believe in random acts of kindness, and practice them, often.

16. Pets are the gifts that keep on pooping. But I’m insanely in awe of my little ball of puppy energy and love how she is on a constant journey to explore the world around her.

17. Without even knowing it, you can fall for someone who is completely wrong for you. Revel in that experience during the good times and come out stronger on the other side once the lesson is learned.

18. Comparison is the enemy of content. Not sure who initially said it but thank you for putting this nugget of wisdom into the atmosphere.

19. I’m learning to be selfish. When I like something, or someone or someplace I give a lot of myself, of my time, of my energy and seeing it go unappreciated isn’t uncommon. My patience for the ungrateful is paper thin.

20. Surround yourself with people who challenge you to be better. And when you can’t find anyone to challenge you, challenge others. Challenge yourself. Push forward and pull others with you.

21. You’ll know when someone is no longer meant to be in your life. You can either nip the bud, pull up the roots, or leave a stump to remind you of those who you love but were no longer good for your health. (thank you warsan shire)

22. Explore! No seriously, do those things you’ve always wanted to do. I hiked a mountain trail this year. Twice. And was extremely proud of myself each time. Crossing off and adding more to my bucket list daily.

23. I’ve always struggled with the need to be enough for another person. It’s taken 25 years to realize that someone was me. I can honestly say I love the person I’m becoming and work everyday to discover more and more about her. I’m more than enough for me.
24. It’s ok to let other people do nice things for you. It won’t negate what you’ve done for them. Stop taking tabs.
25. Take pride in yourself. In your life. In your purpose. Others will see that light, & respect it.


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