Artist Spotlight: A Poet Named Superman

not sure when it happened…

but my love for poetry just caught a second (third, fourth… does it really matter?) wind.

i credit most of this to the spoken word scene i’ve been creeping through in Charlotte


one of my favorite artists (A Poet Named Superman) was obviously a born orator.

the passion he puts into his writing and the way he makes his words come to life onstage inspire me.


don’t tell him i said that though.  

here’s 5 random facts if that isn’t enough to peak your interest:

1. he was born & raised in Jersey

2. plays the piano & keyboard

3. is a comic book nerd  “enthusiast”

4. thinks Coming To America is the greatest movie of all time

5.  hates the first poem he ever wrote

check out more of his work here: Tumblr

and here: YouTube

here too:  On The Write Path (also on Amazon, Google Play & Spotify)

like what you hear? support the arts!

you can catch him live at RAW: Sensory on May 14th

price: $15 (until May 6th) purchase here

where: Tremont Music Hall

time: 7 PM

FullSizeRender (7)

& don’t forget to follow him on IG & Twitter for updates!


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