#np “20 Milligrams X Chaz Ellis

From the Philippines all the way to the states, Chaz Ellis has always had a passion for music. Inspired by her father, grandparents, aunts & uncles, all of whom were musically inclined, Chaz started out singing in her church choir. It was through talks with fellow choir members and often teasing by her peers that she gained awareness that she didn’t sing like a “typical black girl”; that her voice wasn’t as soulful or powerful as the status quo demanded. However, it was this very realization that motivated her to explore what was unique about her own voice and mold it into a musical medium that she’s become proud of.

While hesitant to label herself, Chaz describes her sound as universal; making it easy for her to mesh with multiple genres. Letting her challenges guide and teach her, Chaz has spent the last few years fine-tuning her craft, recording her first song at 18 and eventually linking with the label Rekoniize Strength through her manager Will. Chaz’s debut EP, 20 Milligrams is a personal one, documenting the ups and downs of a relationship. Executive Produced by 400 StAx and bolstering features and lyrics from The Other Guy, TRINH, Westside Cord, RecklessMindstate, Vega, and Baby Jesus, 20 Milligrams is a musical culmination of dedication and love of what you do.

@_ChazEllis @4hundun @Rekoniize


3 responses to “#np “20 Milligrams X Chaz Ellis

  1. The whole project is fire. Really put together well. The chemistry btw the artists shined thoroughly throughout the project. No songs skipped. Very good work you guys.


  2. The entire project was dope. New wave of RnB that I haven’t heard b4. The chemistry amongst the artists shines thoroughly throughout the entire project. Nothing sounded the same. I am pleased and impressed with the project. Way to put on and set standards. #Unfair


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