#np In The Kitchen X @theotherguy910


from Reckoniize Strength Ent:

Greatness doesn’t just happen. It’s a feat achieved by hours and hours of chipping away at your craft. Most people don’t notice until it’s already happened. They don’t see the ups and downs, the growing pains, the small successes, the overwhelming setbacks, the journey. That’s where “Greatness” comes from. The blood, sweat and tears. The endless hours of fine tuning one’s craft, painstaking meticulous attention to detail. This is where “The Other Guy” comes in.

T.O.G. was born in East Orange, NJ and shortly after relocated in rural North Carolina. The Other Guy was influenced early on by Hip Hop and its usual suspects Nas, Mob Deep, Wu Tang even the likes of Naughty by Nature. Beyond that he found inspiration from Bob Marley and Muhammad Ali amongst others. But like the aforementioned there’s something deeper to the persona that is “The Other Guy”. Even with a very distinctive voice, smooth delivery and an innate ability to ride a plethora sounds ranging from soulful boombap to more modern bass heavy “beat” music, there’s more to T.O.G. than just clever wordplay and a technical verbal presence. There are layers, a message hidden underneath the story, more like a story within a story. He’s the type of artist that requires close attention. Not just a great presentation but the more you listen the more you realize there’s a lot more to sink your teeth into. It’s more than just style points; it’s music with substance. It’s music with a heartbeat.

Stay tuned and pay attention. This is one journey you don’t want to miss.

(final) the other guy  copy

FULL NAME: DeVaughn Gist

         MGMT: Chris McLloyd

   CONTACT: rekoniizebooking@gmail.com

   WEBSITE: http://theotherguy-srealm.tumblr.com/

       LABEL: Rekoniize Strength ENT

Twitter/IG: @theotherguy910


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