Teal and Purple x 12 Questions w/ th3 Higher

Teal and Purple Mixtape

let me set the mood & slide you this sample right quick:

what: The Teal & Purple Mixtape Release Party

when: March 20th 8pm – 11pm

whereUNCC, Norm’s Room

cost: free 99, so no excuses…k? 🙂

don’t you just love when good opportunities fall into your hands?

i was able to catch up with the artists of th3 Higher to discuss their upcoming mixtape & launch party

why? because it sounded awesome…duh.

they’ll also be promoting and featuring other creatives from around the area so…

let’s support one another.

keep reading to learn more about th3 Higher and their mixtape “Teal and Purple”, below:

  1. Let’s start by introducing you to the readers. Where did you grow up and at what point did you become th3 Higher? What’s the story behind the name? 

We’re both from the southside of Charlotte, NC. Tyme-Lis was born and raised in Charlotte and Kire was born in Germany but grew up here. As far as the name, we used to go by another, “Lost Wonz”, until about 3 years ago when we completely rebranded ourselves. We were texting about where we wanted to go and through some coercing I was able to convince Kire to change the name. We both came up with th3 Higher. Our name breaks down into a 2 separate entities. The “th3” represents not only the word “the” but the “3” is used to represent that one person everyone has in their life that is the reason why they do whatever it is they do. In our cases it represents fallen loved ones to whom we promised we would make our dreams a reality. They are the reason why we do what we do and why we have the passion that we do. The “Higher” represents where we feel we are mentally, lyrically and in passion.

  1. Do you remember when you first decided to pursue music? What inspired you? 

We’ve always had a passion for music. When we started in High School it was mainly as a hobby. Then it went to us not wanting to listen to what’s on the radio. We recorded over 300 songs as “Lost Wonz” and some were extremely wack but others weren’t and people were encouraging us to continue. It was really when Tyme-Lis got back from the military that we had a heart to heart. We came to the conclusion that there was nothing else we’d rather do than make music for a living so decided to go 100% with it.  We work for our families. We know we have to provide for them just like they provided for us. Our goal is to get them out of this way day to day way of living.

  1. Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite artists? 

As far as inspirations we listen to a pretty much all things hip-hop but with an eye out for: Kanye, Childish Gambino, Travi$ Scott and Drake

  1. As Charlotte artists, what is your perception of the local creative scene and where do you see yourselves in its progression? 

The scene here is growing and it’s amazing to see especially as locals. There is so much talent here and we’re excited to be a part of it. We see ourselves as right in the thick of it. After this tape drops we plan on climbing the ladder if you will. We want to make it to the top because many people have held that spot down but done nothing for the city. We want to get there and bring everybody else us and get them the shine they deserve.

  1. Cumulatively, th3 Higher has been making music for roughly 8 years. How has your style evolved over time? 


Our style has changed greatly. We’ve learned over the years that people just want real. We’ve rapped about things that we’ve never done and although the verses were dope, people can see through it. Everything really changed when we linked up with Anubis Inc. With them we’ve been able to hone our craft and grow as artists.

  1. What separates the two of you from other artists? 

Our swag breh!!!! Nah it’s our personality. So many people out here strive to be something that they aren’t or have malicious intentions but everything that we do and or say is the truth. We want to breed a culture of love within the community. We work day and night to make that happen. Most artists are in it for themselves and don’t really care about the next man.

  1. You’ve been working with Anubis Inc. as a producer. What do they bring to the table & how do they help make you a better artist? 

Mannnnnnnn Anubis Inc. is the plug. We all went to school together so how everything came about was just crazy. Throughout those 8 years we made our own beats and worked with other producers but we always said if we had producers that were on the same wavelength we were on we could truly create. Then these guys came out of nowhere with the dopest beats we ever heard. With them local we were able to work together and build our sound. th3 Higher and Anubis Inc. go hand in hand. We can work without their beats but if you want to hear that true th3 Higher sound we need Anubis Inc.

  1. Your upcoming mixtape, “Teal and Purple” is set to launch on March 20th. What inspired the name and what can fans and those new to th3 Higher expect to experience? 

The name was inspired by our city. We love our city and this tape is 100% Charlotte built so it was only right to use the oh so smooth colors of our Charlotte Hornets. For the listeners, imagine Naruto Uzumaki fighting Majin Vegeta….That’s what’s about to come through your speakers.

  1. If you could pick a favorite track from “Teal and Purple” what would it be and why?

Favorite track would have to be “Something Wicked” because it’s our entire life story wrapped up in one song.

  • Any advice for those just beginning who may be nervous about putting their work out there? 

Don’t worry about what other people have to say about your music. Follow your dreams and never settle. You only have one life to live why would you live that one life doing something that you don’t want to do because you’re afraid of something that may or may not happen?

  • What are you looking for after the release of this mixtape? What does success mean for th3 higher? 

After the tape drops we’re planning on hitting the road to promote it. We’ve performed in NYC and Miami but that’s not enough. We’re buying a van, fixing it up and we’re literally going to drive across the US and perform anywhere we possibly can. We won’t stop until Charlotte has the respect she deserves.

  1. Is there anything else you would like readers to know about th3 Higher or Teal and Purple?

We’re 2 regular guys out here working our hardest to achieve our goals. If you have a talent or a muse stick to you and never let anyone take that from you. th3 Higher is all about never giving up and never settling.

 i’ve heard it. it’s dope.

for more info, follow @th3higher on IG & Twitter

or just email them… th3higher@gmail.com


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